XTatlas™ is a new Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS), developed by XTEK. This new SUAS application allows real-time, accurate geo-referenced video mapping. Traditionally, mapping accurate Georeferenced capabilities cannot be conducted in real-time, and it can take several hours to compute data from a mission to match up to map references. XTatlas™ offers a real-time capability that allows the user to view georeferenced video providing the operator instant situational awareness during a mission.


XTatlas™ consists of a  STANAG  4609/MISB ST 0601.8 compliant high definition video feed and ground control system (GCS) with XTatlas™ application installed. The live video and geolocated maps can be transmitted over a network for viewing at a remote command post.


XTatlas™ grants the UAS operator situational awareness of the area in which the mission is conducted. Background imagery can be utilised from sources such as satellite maps or any georeferenced image. If the imagery of the area is unavailable, a mission can be conducted to create new imagery. This imagery can then be used for future missions and changes to the area of interest can be detected during and after mission completion.


XTatlas™ can be used for reconnaissance of remote areas, roads, boundaries and points of entry. XTatlas™ also provides a capability to obtain data over time to determine changes in the environment such as rising flood waters, fire front behaviour and recent disturbances to the environment.


This technology is not limited to Defence and law enforcement use and provides a situational advantage for many instances that require rapid accurate mapping, such as search and rescue, firefighting and disaster response. Other possible applications for this technology include, but are not limited to, surveying, agriculture, farming, and asset inspection.


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