With today’s new threats, you need to transform into a lighter, faster responding unit. The Zeus UGV has been designed for the EOD/IEDD/CBRNe and SWAT community to deal with a range of scenarios from simple reconnaissance, CBRNe investigation or to full scale EOD render safe procedures (RSP). The highly modular design allows Zeus to be configured from a lightweight simple UGV to a fully capable EOD UGV. This ability to configure ‘in field’ gives maximum capability with minimum equipment. Gone are the days when teams would use 2 different UGVs, one for simple reconnaissance and another for specific tasks. Now all those roles can be fulfilled with 1 platform. Until now operators have had lightweight UGVs, that don’t have the strength and capability of heavier UGVs and heavier UGVs that don’t have the ease of deployment of lightweight UGVs. Now they have all the advantages of both a heavy and light UGV, but in 1 platform.