Telerob Telemax


Image of Telerob Telemax

Sometimes less really is more. This is especially true when operations have to be carried out in confined spaces. Anywhere where tEODor is too big to operate – on aircraft, subway, trains and buses etc – its little brother telemax makes sure that the vital distance is maintained between the bomb disposal engineer and the bomb. The Telemax EOD robot has a programmable manipulator with tool centre, point control, excellent mobility thanks to four-track running gear with 2 drive technology, 7 axis manipulator with turrent and linear axis. The Telemax provides the choice between standard speed and high speed version. It has outstanding reach due to the telescope & height adjustable chassis, a tool changing system with two tool mounts. The Telemax uses Plug & Play sensor technology. It has interfaces for: Lance, Aquaset, ABL 2000, Proparms 12.5 RC and 20 RC, RE 70 M3, Re 12g Mini, Benelli M4 Super 90, Needle and water charge DemiMod.


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