ReconRobotics UVI

Recon Scout UVI

The Recon Scout UVI gives you the ability to quickly and thoroughly inspect the undercarriages of vehicles for explosives, drugs or other contraband. Equipped with sophisticated optical systems that can operate in extreme low-light environments, the Recon Scout UVI transmits clear, crisp video up to 100m to a handheld Operator Control Unit or up to 330m to a ReconRobotics Command Monitoring Sta tion. Using the thumb-controlled joystick on the OCU, you can direct the movement of the UVI robot to scan the undercarriages of parked vehicles. The robot’s optics are angled 32 degrees above horizontal, and its 60-degree field of view means that you can inspect the entire undercarriage of most vehicles with just one pass. The ReconRobotics UVI can also be stationed at vehicle access points to allow security staff to inspect all vehicles entering a secured location.


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