The standard equipment package for both the CALIBER® T5 and the MK3 CALIBER® come well equipped from most robot missions. However, ICOR offers a suite of optional robot accessories to augment your robots capabilities.



Picture-In-Picture (CAL-PIP)

Enhance situational awareness by adding Picture-In-Picture functionality to your CALIBER® Robot. Simultaneously view any two of the CALIBER® Robot’s onboard cameras including the Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera, Front and Rear IR Drive Cameras, Claw Camera or Weapon Camera. Combined with the dedicated PTZ control stick, allowing for concurrent Operation of the robot and PTZ Camera, the Picture- In-Picture capabilities of the CALIBER® Robot lets you stay on task while remaining aware of your surroundings. (Available for MK3 and T5).



Digital Video Recorder (CAL-DVR)

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) hardwired into CCU case. Allows operator to record video and audio. Up to 120GB HDD & SD Card memory storage with USB 2.0 PC interface – MPEG-4, JPEG capable. An integrated 3.5” (8.8cm) color LCD screen with time stamp format and frame counter allows for easy playback of video. (Available for MK3 and T5)



Motorized Anti-Flip Bar (CAL-MAFB)

Remotely stow and deploy the motorized anti-flip bar up to shorten chassis, assists with climbing and descending stairs and turning in confined spaces (Available for MK3 only)



Motorized PTZ Mast (CAL-MPTZ)

Remotely increase the height of your Pan-Tilt- Zoom (PTZ) camera up to 55” (140 cm), with the motorized, three stage telescoping PTZ mast. (Available for MK3 and T5)



Handheld Controller Unit (CAL-HCU)

The lightweight Handheld Controller Unit has a 9’ cord that connects to the tether input of your robot, providing full motor control of the weapon arm, claw arm, drive system and LED lights. The controller uses the same variable speed joystick with “dead man” button as the standard CCU and is powered by a 9V battery. (Available for MK3 and T5)



Portable Handheld Screen (CAL-PSA/D)

The CALIBER®’s Portable Handheld Screen is ideal for SWAT entry teams that want to see what the robot operator is viewing on the CCU screen. Available for analog or Digital COFDM RF System (Available for MK3 and T5)



Quick-change Battery Pack (CAL-EB0)

Lead-acid rechargeable battery pack for the CALIBER® MK3 or T5 Robot MK3 - 13 A/h 24 VDC; T5 - 8 A/h 24 VDC (Available for MK3 and T5)



24V Battery Charger (CAL-BC0)

CALIBER® Robot Battery charger will plug into the rear battery charger port of robot or directly into port on battery. 24 VDC/110 or 220 VAC (Available for MK3 and T5)



12V Battery Charger (CAL-CCB)

CALIBER® Command and Control Unit battery charger. 12 VDC/110 or 220 VAC (Available for MK3 and T5)