The MK3 - CALIBER® robot is the optimal choice for bomb squads requiring a robotic capability for EOD missions. As a medium-sized robot, the MK3 - CALIBER® combines the towing and dragging capability of larger platforms, but with the speed and stair climbing ability of smaller, lightweight platforms.


The MK3 - CALIBER® has a unique feature offering of two arms, combing a heavy-duty robotic claw and Twin-Disrupter Turret. Two robotic arms allow users to lift heavier payloads with the claw without sacrificing the aiming capability of their disrupters. Surveillance missions are easily accomplished with any of the 6 color cameras onboard the robot.


The MK3 -CALIBER® EOD provides unrivalled capabilities for dollar value.


Standard Features:


  • LED Lights (chassis, arms and PTZ camera)
  • 6×6 All wheel chain drive with 2 speed transmission
    Pneumatic tires with quick release coupler (tire size: 10.0”/25.0 cm)
  • Low Gear: 0-2 mph (0-3.2 km/h)
  • High Gear: 0-5 mph (0-8 km/h)
  • Command and Control Unit to operate robot with Tripod
    Wireless RF System (900 MHz data, 2.4 GHz video)
  • Robot Battery Pack (913A/h, 24 VDC, quick-change, rechargeable, lead-acid battery)
  • Battery Chargers
  • Rubber Track System fits over the pneumatic tires; includes anti-flip bar
  • Robotic Claw on Telescoping Arm
  • Twin-Disrupter Turret on Telescoping Arm
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Color Camera
  • Infrared Color Front Drive Camera
  • Infrared Color Back Drive Camera CCD,
  • Standard 500 ft. (153 m) tether reel with Slip Ring
  • Two-way communication (talk/listen) with transmitter and receivers and PTT headset
  • One day Robot Operation and Maintenance course