Morgan Advanced Materials ERGOTEC Suits


The suits are designed with leading-edge materials technology and garment engineering, for maximum protection with minimal hindrance to movement. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear for extended periods and have effective ventilation and cooling systems to reduce operator fatigue, allowing the operator to work without compromise.


Behind the extensive development work for the range of EOD suits is thirty years experience in the design and manufacture of high technology protective equipment for the UK MOD and other customers. The suits are rigorously and thoroughly tested at every stage of design and manufacture using sophisticated on-site test techniques to ensure that, in a blast event, the system remains correctly balanced between helmet and frontal plate.



This ERGOTEC 4010 EOD suit offers maximum protection with minimal hindrance to operator movement allowing the operator the freedomrequired to gather forensic intelligence.




ERGOTEC 3000 is a lightweight EOD search suit designed to enable extended duration missions in a high threat environment.


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