Explosive Risk Management (ERM)


Ninjatek Personnel Exploitation Kit (PEK)


XTEK is pleased to announce that it can now exclusively supply its Australasian clients with the very latest range of exploitation kits from Ninjatek. The Personnel Exploitation Kit (PEK), Material and Personnel Exploitation Kit (MPEK) and Commanders Exploitation Kit (CEK) have all been designed in consultation with serving military personnel to meet the very latest operational exploitation requirements.

This is essential equipment for a wide spectrum of military personnel ranging from those undertaking routine stop and search operations through to specialist Weapons Intelligence Teams, enabling personnel to maximise the capture of information from suspects and scenes whilst minimising any possibility of cross-contamination. The PEK and MPEK kits include high-quality, DNA-free components and are compatible with all current UK technical exploitation procedures.


Further details on the exploitation kits can be found on the links below:

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Commanders Exploitation Kit (CEK)

Material and Personnel Exploitation Kit (MPEK)