X-Ray Sources


Image of XR 150

Golden Engineering X-Ray generator XR 150

Product code: 1590025

Golden Engineering X-Ray generator XR 150 brochure 

The XR150 is a battery powered pulsed X-ray machine for security and light industrial applications. The XR150 weighs 2.2KG, but is capable of penetrating 13mm of steel making it an ideal tool for use in remote locations, it is Ideally suited to dismouted operations and confined space use.


Golden Engineering X-Ray generator XR 200

Golden Engineering X-Ray Generator XR 200 Brochure

The XR200 is a 150kV, single-package, pulsed X-ray source used by military, law enforcement, corporate security, and industrial personnel for radiographic examination of various items. The combination of battery power and minimal weight of 5.5KG allows the XR200 user to obtain radiographs in even the most remote location.



Golden Engineering X-Ray Generator XRS3 Brochure

The XRS-3 is a light duty X-ray machine that requires little maintenance. The modular design makes component replacement easy and cost effective. Lead shielding in the XRS-3 protects the user by minimizing radiation leakage outside of the X-ray beam while a time delay button and remote cable allow the operator to move a safe distance from the unit when it is in operation. Visual and audible indicators in the unit alert the operator when the XRS-3 is activated. Also, the XRS-3 contains no radioactive material. The unit produces radiation only when it is pulsing.





XRS-4 Brochure.pdf

  • Penetrates 2 Inches of Steel
  • Fully Battery Powered
  • Durable Aluminum Housing
  • Expanded Pulse Setting to 199