The NeX-Ray® product line consists of advanced, portable, lightweight x-ray image capture units used to obtain near real-time imaging in a variety of applications.


The NeX-Ray® technology is based on a novel method for reading storage phosphor imaging plates. Unlike conventional laser-based CR readers which rely on a pixel-by-pixel “pencil beam” scanning technique, the NeXRay ® technology relies on line-by-line scanning technique. The key innovation is a “contact image sensor” consisting of an assembly of linear arrays which can scan an entire line of the imaging plate at a time (called a scanhead). All of the NeX-Ray® products incorporate patented scanhead technology, which utilizes a low-profile scanhead moving across the imaging plate to electronically capture and store the target image, which can then be displayed in near real-time for analysis. Size, weight and portability are critical to NeX-Ray® customers and this unique scanning methodology results in a significantly smaller form factor than other solutions currently offered in the market.


The MMX products incorporate a removable imaging plate design that allows additional flexibility for the enduser in the field. The x-ray image can be captured with the imaging plate inside the unit (flat panel mode) or with the imaging plate outside the unit and then inserted into the unit for scanning (scanner mode), hence the term MMX (Multi Mission X-Ray).


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