Ebinger Detectors


Ebinger UWEX 720 C

UWEX®-metal detectors are well known in many fields of application. The 720 series is famous for its outstanding performance and can be considered as one of the most compact underwater metal detectors available in the international market. It is designed to locate metal objects which are buried within the divers reach but in many cases it will detect targets well beyond those limits and buried at depths where they can not be excavated without using appropriate tools.



Ebinger UWEX 725 K

The UWEX® 725 K is a result of further development of the well-proven UWEX® 722 land & underwater metal detector. Improved detection performance and a wide auto-adaptation to interfering metal components characterize the new 725 design. The electronic design is based on the thousand fold proven EBEX® 420 PB mine detector in service with the British Army. The UWEX® 725 K is pressure water tested to 10 bar and comfortable for the diver. It is operated by one adjuster only. UWEX® 725 K can detect shallow buried minimum amount of metal mines such as A/P 72a at operational depth. Larger UXO can be located up to 1.5m depth. To increase the depth range further a UXO sensor is available.