Ballistic Armour

Ballistic armour products overview

Highcom Armor

XTEK sells a range of soft and hard amour, helmets, shields, carriers and armour gear through our US subsidiary, Highcom Armor.

Custom Armor

XTEK designs, develops, tests and manufactures custom armour to meet an ever changing threat and operational environment using our XTclave technology.


Soft armour - from highcom.JPG


Soft armour


XTEK has developed a range of ultra slim, flexible and lightweight soft armour solutions.



Hard armour plates


XTEK’s hard armour range includes chest, back and side plates that are up to 30% lighter than current benchmarks. Bringing the latest in material science and processing technology, XTEK can develop and manufacture composites only through to hybridised and ceramic solutions.

Helmet shell.jpg


Combat ballistic helmet


XTEK has developed the worlds lightest and thinnest true rifle rated helmet. Stopping AK-47, 7.62 or M43 (MSC), M80 as well as frag projectiles all at muzzle velocity with full coverage across all shot locations.


Platform armour


XTEK’s advanced materials can be used for ground / air vehicles;

shields and building protection.