XTEK Tac 2

The operating mechanism is the next evolution of highly accurate closed bolt firing systems, utilising a 360 degree radial sprung collet to achieve precision that no other system yet developed can. The operating mechanism is extremely fast, simple, smooth, and 7allows for extreme inherent accuracy with a rate of fire that approaches semi-automatic capabilities.

The XTEK Tac 2 has a cold hammer forged, nitride coated barrel and comes with the XTEK highly advanced modular bi-folding chassis system and XTEK magazines, making this rifle something revolutionary. Currently in service with the Australian Military, it has seen operational service in extreme conditions with their Special Forces for over a number of years.


Key features of the XTEK Blaser Tactical 2 System:

- German made cold hammer forged plasma nitride coated barrel
- Innovative radial sprung collet bolt system with straight pull action
- Carbon fibre and alloy modular lightweight NATO rail system
- Buttstock height, angle, and length are all fully adjustable
- Left or right side height adjustable cheek rest
- Ergonomic pistol grip and customisable recoil pad
- Left or right handed operation and ejecting - Fully ambidextrous controls
- Left or right side folding chassis captivates a closed bolt
- Fully capable of ambidextrous operation and ejecting
- Safety de-energises firing pin for complete safe handling
- Calibre or barrel change maintains perfect zero every time and takes less than 5 minutes
- Optics mounted directly to barrel, bolt locks into barrel, not frame, this guarantees accuracy and reliability
- XTEK polymer magazines provide reliable feeding from the first to the last round
- Fully adjustable single or two-stage match grade trigger
- Removable quick detach bi-axial night vision device with 50MOA
- Integrated 50MOA optic mounting rail on the barrel ensuring retention of zero
- Integrated customised quick locking Harris bipod
- Integrated height adjustable butt spike with bold and fine adjustments
- Multiple integrated quick detach sling points along the entire frame
- Available with SureFire quick detach suppressors and a range of quality optics
- Accessories include bags, hard cases with custom inserts, slings, tripods, ballistic computers, XTEK precision rings and other ancillary systems.

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For more information about the XTEK Tac 2 system, please contact:

Daniel Richmond
Tactical and Protective Security Sales Manager
P: 1800 500 032
E: Daniel@xtek.net