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XTEK is a supplier of high-quality protective security, tactical and forensics solutions to the government, law enforcement, military and commercial sectors.

To place an order email to xtek@xtek.net or call us on 1800 500 032.

Should you require any further information or pricing on products, please contact us and one of our friendly team members will assist you.

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Isomark T-1 Cartridge Grey 25mL
5 cartridges per pack

Isomark materials present no significant risk to health are non-flammable and solvent free and are cleared for all normal methods of transport including air transport.

Isomark compounds are fast curing silicone impression materials developed specifically for forensic applications curing in approximately 3 minutes. They enable a wide range of marks and features to be faithfully recorded as forensic evidence from most types of surface.

The unopened cartirdge has a shelf life of 15 months.

Self Adhesive Label Danger of Infection
4in L-Shaped Scale 150x300mm
ABFO No.2 Bitemark Scale 50x50mm
UV Light for 5014/5079/5082/5085
Fine Tip DNA Free/Sterile Swab
Isomark Mixing Nozzles 10 pack
Designed to fit the 25mL and 50mL dispensers these nozzles mix together the two components of the cartridge during the dispensing and ensure air free mixing and minimum wastage during application.
Barrier Tape-Crime Scene Do Not Enter Rl
Forceps Plastic Blue - Sterile
Blue Griperite sterile plastic forceps. Single use sterile forcep used to pick up evidence at crime scenes or post mortems thus preventing any contamination of the evidence. Packaged individually
Forensic Evidence Covers 20 diameter
Colour yellow Material High impact 0.5mm polypropylene.
The WA Products Forensic Evidence Preservation Cover was developed to meet the needs of scene of crime officers in preventing contamination of evidence by weather members of the public and even other police officers! The cover is lightweight visible and robust enough to cope with the rigours of life both in and out of a scene of crime van. It is supplied flat packed to save space and is assembled in seconds by pulling round and attaching one side of the disc to the other by means of the velcro fixing strips. It can then be placed on the ground and anchored in place by three metal pegs - also supplied. The printed version of the disc informs all personnel in the area that they should not touch the cover due to possible evidence underneath.
Our 9 oz. aerosol can of Tyre and Footprint Casting Release Spray is used to aid in the separation of any casting materials from the impression.

Luminol Blood Detection Reagent Spray
Luminol is a reagent specifically formulated for the detection of blood at a crime scene even if the blood is invisible to the human eye or if someone has attempted to wash the area.
When luminol is sprayed on a suspected area it will glow a white/blue when it comes in contact with blood in a darkened room (UV lamp not required). The resulting pattern can then be photographed.

Available in the following sizes:
4oz. bottle and a pair of nitrile barrier gloves and a vial of activation fluid is included with each bottle.
8oz. bottle and a pair of nitrile barrier gloves and a vial of activation fluid is included with each bottle.
16oz. bottle and a pair of nitrile barrier gloves and a vial of activation fluid is included with each bottle.

Our Acrylic Sand and Dirt Hardener is a fast drying clear acrylic spray created to stabilize footprints and tyre tracks found in sand and dirt. TRITECHFORENSICS' Acrylic Sand and Dirt Hardener can be used with plaster dental stone and silicone rubber casting material. Once dried the hardener helps prevent the distortion of the impression from the weight of the casting material. It is provided in an 11.5 oz. aerosol can.
Reflective Chalk (3 pack)
Create highly reflective marks at night that can be illuminated by photoflash or flashlight. Perfect for illuminating the location of evidence that would not normally show in night time photography. Ideal for use at accident investigations to indicate skid marks and highlight any relevant debris. Draw any desired reflection and it will appear super-bright when photographed. Each Reflective Chalk stick is 1 diameter and 4 long.

Hinged Footprint Residue Lifter
Our 15.25cm x 38cm Hinged Footprint Residue Lifters are for collecting footprint residue found at crime scenes and are 0.1mm thick crystal clear adhesive-backed mylar.

Simply peel off inside release liner and place the mylar adhesive side down on the footprint. After lifting the footprint affix the mylar to the acetate backing card to protect the print. It's that easy!

Available in the following colours:
white vinyl backing cards
black vinyl backing cards
transparent vinyl backing cards

Footprint Lifters - Rubber/Gelatin Cards
These 13cm wide by 35.8cm long lifters are especially useful for collecting minute particles of dust or dirt left by footwear on rough surfaces such as cement floors or sidewalks. The thick adhesive rubber backing cards allows you to press the lifter into rough surfaces and pick up particles that would be left behind by mylar lifters.

Available in the following colours:
white - 2 per pack
black - 2 per pack
transparent - 2 per pack

Versacone Carry Bag with Strap
This 7 x 9 three-ring notebook contains 1 900 1 x 1.375 nonglare matte finish adhesive-backed labels for photographing evidence.
Each notebook contains 50 metric scale labels 50 arrow labels 50 ea. (0-9) numeral labels with metric scale and 50 ea. (A-Z) letter labels with metric scale.
Pathfinder Omega Electrostatic Dust Lift
When dust prints are located on areas that make it difficult to retrieve them with conventional lifters the PathFinder Omega Electostatic Dust Print Lifter is the tool you need. Compact lightweight and free of probes or leads the PathFinder has been called the safest ESL unit on the market today. It is run from a single widely-available 9V battery and has a built-in safety feature to protect the operator in the event of an accidental shock even users with a heart pacemaker! This device will lift prints from a wide variety of surfaces including floors doors plastic paper and metal as well as concrete carpet chairs and more.
The PathFinder Omega comes with a grounding plate instructions and a plastic field case. Mylar film for collecting the prints is sold separately stockcode PF-MF65.
Electrostatic Dust Lifter Mylar Film

1 12 x 65' roll
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