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XTEK is a supplier of high-quality protective security, tactical and forensics solutions to the government, law enforcement, military and commercial sectors.

To place an order email to xtek@xtek.net or call us on 1800 500 032.

Should you require any further information or pricing on products, please contact us and one of our friendly team members will assist you.

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C SWAB(400/pk) 50pk/kit
Surface Protection Paper Roll - Whatman
Whatman surface protection paper roll Benchkote 460mm wide on 50 metre roll. Benchkote is a high quality white absorbent paper laminated with an impermeable layer of polyethylene. It is available in two forms standard and Benchkote Plus. Benchkote Plus is a thicker more absorbent material for more demanding applications. It can absorb in excess of 0.75 litres of water per square metre.
Soil Sieve Kit
Standard testing sieves are widely used to separate and grade soil samples. Forensic entomologists also find them indispensable for successively reducing the bulk of soil material from which insects are collected.

This stacked set consists of four stainless steel screens of graduated mesh sizes a solid pan at the bottom and a lid. Soil sample or forest litter is placed in the top container and the entire set agitated so that particles of various size drop through and are sorted by size.

The sieve kit contains four high-impact plastic screens 6.75? x 3? with wire mesh Nos. 5 10 60 and 230.
Measuring Tape 15M (25ft) English

Evidence Marking Flag 21 Wire
These bright yellow and pink flags are ideal for marking evidence found in a search area. Once flagged photographs can be taken and the evidence collected.

These flags are used for outside crime scenes and the 21 wire staff is easily pushed into mud sand dirt grass and snow.

Yellow flags are printed EVIDENCE - Do Not Touch while pink flags are unprinted.

Casting Frames
Our .040 thick adjustable aluminium Casting Frames are used to restrict the flow and control the depth of plaster dental stone or silicone casting material when making casts at crime scenes.

Available in the following sizes:
12 to 20L x 8.5W x 1.75H
20.25 to 24L x 12W x 1.75H

Gunshot Residue Kit
General Purpose Gunshot Residue Kit
Sterile Drape Kit
GSR Collection Kit-Surface-4 Carbon Stub
4 Carbon Stubs

Surface Collection Kit is designed for this purpose and simplifies collection assuring the crime laboratory receives GSR samples that are clearly identifiable (i.e. collected from tabletop dashboard door-frame clothing etc.).
The vials are labelled Sample Number 1 2 3 and 4 and each vial label has a write-on area to indicate where the sample was collected. The GSR Analysis Information Form requests a detailed description of where the samples were collected along with other information to assist your crime laboratory.
Generic Evidence Bag (Medium) 500pk
Breakaway Evidence Tape Red
Versacone #1-20 Yellow
Versacone #21-40 Yellow
Versa-Cone Weighted Bases PK10
Photo Markers Plastic A-Z Yellow
Photo Evidence Numbers 1-15
ID Tent (Cut Out Type) 1-20 Yellow
The patented design of these unique crime scene markers makes them the most convenient evidence markers available. Each marker features two 3 x 3 surfaces and a third horizontal surface featuring a distinctive 13/4 cut-out printed with a metric reference scale creating a useful L-shaped metric reference scale that can be used to frame evidence and act as a useful photographic reference. The inclusion of a scale allows for perpendicular photo angle or wall photos. Each scale also includes a set of photo cross hairs to help correct parallax. Each ID Tent also features a centered holes for wall mounting or elevated field use. Crime scene flags or sticks may be used to anchor the markers in unstable conditions and provide additional visibility to the tent. Made of durable plastic and stackable for compact easy storage. Available in White or Yellow.
ID Tent (Cut Out Type) A-Z Yellow
Versacone #41-60 Yellow
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