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XTEK is a supplier of high-quality protective security, tactical and forensics solutions to the government, law enforcement, military and commercial sectors.

To place an order email to xtek@xtek.net or call us on 1800 500 032.

Should you require any further information or pricing on products, please contact us and one of our friendly team members will assist you.

ImageProduct CodeDescriptionPDF
Window Box - Small
Window box for mobile phone + insert 180mm x 110mm x 65mm. A window box enables evidence to be packaged and viewed without opening it leaving the security seal intact. It also prevents the evidence being contaminated or compromised.
Clear Storage Jars
This assortment of clear storage jars are excellent for the collection and storage of soils and other samples or pieces of evidence that may be easily lost if placed in a paper bag. These jars can also be used to store latent print powder for agencies who purchase their powder in bulk. Give each individual their own 1 or 2 oz. jar of powder then refill as necessary. Clear jars allow for easy identification of any items placed inside the jar. Each jar is supplied with a tight fitting lid. Size range 30mL ? 236mL.
Custom Made Sealing Tapes
Please contact us in relation to assisting with printing custom tapes/seals.

Security Tape - Sawtooth Write-On Sawtooth® Security Tape has a white write-on strip on which a description of the sealed evidence can be written using a pen or permanent marker. For use at a crime scene or in a laboratory setting.

Our Write-On Sawtooth® Security Tape is a generous 1.25 wide and comes on a 108' roll in a dispenser box. No struggling to separate the tape from the tape backing! The end of the tape pops up out of the box and away from the liner each time you use it. This Write-On Sawtooth® Security Tape is the most sensitive tamper-indicating acetate tape available. If physical removal is attempted the sawtooth edges will tear while chemical tampering causes the solvent-sensitive dye to dissolve and smear. The permanent adhesive and instantaneous cure time make our tape excellent for sealing all types of evidence containers.

Available in 6 Colour Combinaion:

red and white
blue and white
orange and white
green and white
yellow and white
clear and white.

HOL-MOS-RT-BLKMosquito Holster Rotating Black Polymer

HOL-P226X5-TACSig P226X5 Holster Tac w/Rail

Drop Off-set Holster System with Stingray Belt Holder.
1100000X-Ray Source XR150 X-Ray Generator

The Golden Engineering XR150 is a battery powered pulsed X-ray machine for security and light industrial applications. The XR150 weighs 2.2KG but is capable of penetrating 13mm of steel making it an ideal tool for use in remote locations.
This does not include a battery.

1300000XRS-3 X Ray Generator

The Golden Engineering XRS-3 is a light duty X-ray machine that requires little maintenance. The modular design makes component replacement easy and cost effective. Lead shielding in the XRS-3 protects the user by minimizing radiation leakage outside of the X-ray beam while a time delay button and remote cable allow the operator to move a safe distance from the unit when it is in operation. Visual and audible indicators in the unit alert the operator when the XRS-3 is activated. Also the XRS-3 contains no radioactive material. The unit produces radiation only when it is pulsing.
4008030X-Ray Tripod Bag

for Bogen Tripod Model #3001
4053035X-Ray Bogen TripodPDF
B25105Handheld Contraband Detector Unit

The Buster K910B Contraband Detector can positively detect concealed drugs explosives weapons currency and much more. It is a fast effective way of detecting contraband concealed in objects such as containers tyres car doors fuel tanks and in other objects which can contain illegal substances such as vehicles trucks boats and airplanes.
The Buster K910B is a one-piece assembly requiring only one hand for operation. During routine field use no components or sub-assemblies require or permit removal other than the replacement of the standard 9V transistor battery attachment of separate audible alarm headset or the optional remote arm. The unit has a rubber grip pad surface for comfort and an integrally mounted safety wrist strap. The unit also has an easily replaceable Velcro anti-scratch pad and a spare Velcro pad and display overlay panel are provided with the Buster.
The Buster K910B indicates the difference in density between contraband (drugs explosives weapons currency etc) and the object in which the contraband is hidden for example an empty tyre filled with air as opposed to an illegal tyre filled with drugs.
The Buster directs a beam of energy into the object being inspected. A filled space reflects back more energy than an empty space. As the Buster is moved across the surface of the object the measurement is displayed on a digital LCD and an alarm sounds if the density changes.
The Buster?s directed beam of gamma rays will penetrate the surface of an object. It can ?see through? wood metal textiles and plastic. Since every material has a specific density unexpected changes become obvious. The gamma rays cause no damage to the object being inspected.
EBEX421_GCEBEX 421 GC Metal Detector

EBEX 421 GC can be used on non co-operative ground where other technology may fail. The index GC stands for ?Ground Compensation? which refers to the rejection of interference from volcanic soil or laterit etc. The equipment is therefore suitable for use throughout the world.
MPEKMaterial & Personnel Exploitation Kit

The MPEK has been specifically designed for use by WIT Teams using the latest forensic collection procedures when conducting Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE). Each MPEK is individually serial numbered with all corresponding items and collection mediums cross referenced for ease of identification post collection. Each MPEK is designed to be used in all possible SSE incidents from IED manufacturing facilities to explosion sites or the scene of an initiated Suicide IED.

The MPEK is a consumable item and contains all required equipment and storage media to successfully exploit a sensitive site recovering all required evidence for further exploitation. Each kit is uniquely serial numbered to allow for full evidence cross referencing.

Each MPEK contains a full range of equipment relevant to the exploitation of every type of SEE in addition to 4 Personnel Exploitation Kits (PEK). Optionally each MPEK can also contain 4 Field explosives identification kits.

PEK Kit contains the following:
- Finger Print Recovery Module
- Hair Collection Module
- DNA Collection Module
- Exhibit Recover Module
- Finger Breaker
- Biohazard Module
- Indelible Pen
- Gloves and Mask Module
- Instructions For Use

Size of Kit: Approximately 400mm x 300mm x 80mm and weighs approximately 1 kg (Less PEKs). This ensures that Weapons Intelligence Teams (WIT) operating in the dismounted role have an enhanced capability but with a reduced weight and space burden.

Each MPEK is guaranteed 100% free from any DNA contamination due to the unique sterilisation process involved in the manufacture of each kit using the ETO process. ETO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilisation is innovative in its application for forensic collection kits. The NinjaTek MPEK is the only forensic collection kit that uses this method to guarantee the absence of contamination. Each module is also individually sealed to prevent any possible contamination risk in a non-clean operational environment.
PEKPeronnel Exploitation Kit

The PEK has been designed to allow the maximum capture of information from suspects with no cross contamination issues. Each PEK is individually serial numbered with all corresponding items and collection mediums cross referenced for ease of identification at an exploitation facility post collection.

Each PEK is a consumable item and contains all required equipment for the exploitation of any individual both living and deceased.

The Kit contains the following:
- Finger Print Recovery Module.
- Hair Collection Module.
- DNA Collection Module.
- Exhibit Recovery Module.
- Finger Breaker.
- Biohazard Module.
- Indelible Pen.
- Gloves and Mask Module.
- Instructions For Use.

Size of Kit: Approximate Weight 180g Dimensions Approx. 190mm x 330mm

Each PEK is guaranteed 100% free from any DNA contamination due to the unique sterilisation process involved in the manufacture of each kit using the ETO process. Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation is innovative in its application for forensic collection kits and the NinjaTek PEK is the only forensic collection kit that uses this method to guarantee the absence of contamination. Each module is also individually sealed to prevent any possible contamination risk in a non-clean operational environment.
RTR4-L-LAI 432557-001X-Ray Imager RTR-4 Large Area Base Kit

includes: Toughbook Controller 3m and 6m (10' and 20') cables connecting X-ray imager and X-ray source (specify type of x-ray source to be used with system) Large ARea Integrated X-ray Imager with 41x56 cm (16x22Z) field of view fifty meter (165 foot) Cable with roll-up reel connecting the control unit iwth the integrated imager RJ-45 Ethernet interface cable to connect control unit to roll-up reel two imager batteries and charger AC to DC adapter to power imager shipping container system restoration CDE-ROM software disk operation and maintenance manual.
XD2500-XTS2500Non-Linear Junction DetectorPDF
LANCE DISRUPTERCTS Lance ? Water Jet Disrupter

A single lightweight powerful and versatile disrupter/dearmer. The Lance can replace the need to carry multiple disrupters and cartridges for various targets.
The Lance disrupter can increase the standoff distance in order to protect the technician. The Lance offers the shortest possible deployment time. The Lance disrupter has an aiming system that offers precision shots and requires no calibration if distance to target changes. It sustains over 3 times more pressure than closest market model. The Lance has the potential of more powerful disruptions and penetration than any market model. Field repair friendly. No welded components.

Lance® ? Water Jet Disrupter System Components:
- Lance® disrupter
- Electromechanical Breech
- Shock Tube Breech
- Scabbard Stand (collapsible stand)
- ZCAS (self-aligning laser aiming system-green laser)
- RAS (Recoil Absorbing System)
- Alignment (bore) laser
- Brake Nozzle Open
- Brake Nozzle Restricted
- Backpack
- Ejection rod
- Water refilling bottles ( 3pcs)
- Cleaning Set
- Spare parts kit ? breech springs shock tube connector Allen key
- Instructions Manual

LANCE-FIRING-ADAPTERLance Firing Adapter for tEODor

302601Telerob tEODor EOD RPV(H)

tEODor manipulator vehicle base model including operation stand and panel video transmission 1.3GHz data transmission 390 5 MHz. antennae leads operator manual and basic tool kit. This model is supplied with standard gripper gripper camera drive camera and rear drive camera plus main pan/tilt/zoom camera with auto-focus.
304490Telerob Telemax EOD RPV(M)

teleMAX EOD robot - basic version including operating panel and loading unit.
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