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XTEK is a supplier of high-quality protective security, tactical and forensics solutions to the government, law enforcement, military and commercial sectors.

To place an order email to xtek@xtek.net or call us on 1800 500 032.

Should you require any further information or pricing on products, please contact us and one of our friendly team members will assist you.

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Crownstone casting plaster
25kg drum

Crownstone Plaster is an extremely hard die stone plaster used for crown and bridge models in the dental industry. It is supplied in 25kg plastic tubs and to order packed down into 1kg plastic bags or tubs for use in forensics scenes of crime situations.

UOM per kilo.
Crownstone casting plaster 1 kilo pack
Crownstone Plaster is an extremely hard die stone plaster used for crown and bridge models in the dental industry. It is supplied in 25kg plastic tubs and to order packed down into 1kg plastic bags or tubs for use in forensics scenes of crime situations.

UOM per kilo
Isomark 50ml Cartridge Dispenser Gun ISOMARK materials present no significant risk to health are non-flammable and solvent free and are cleared for all normal methods of transport including air transport.

Isomark compounds are fast curing silicone impression materials developed specifically for forensic applications.They enable a wide range of marks and features to be faithfully recorded as forensic evidence from most types of surface.
Isomark 25ml mixing nozzles (10 / pack)
To fit Isomark 25ml cartridges. These nozzles mix together the two components of the cartridge during the dispensing procedure and ensure air-free mixing and minimum wastage of material during application (10 per pack).

Mikrosil 200 gram paste
200 gram c/w 20 gram activator

This type of product is primarily used to take impressions of toolmarks.

Available in the following colours:

Tongue Depressor
These tongue depressors have other uses apart from there medical use. They can be used as mixing spatulas for impression material and because they are economical can be disposed of after use (pack of 100).
Swab Medical Wire MW102
Medical Wire plastic shaft Rayon tip MW102. Sterile Dryswab in individual labelled transport tube. Each tamper evident label is clearly printed with lot number and expiry date.
Woodstick Swab 6 Forensic
6 Forensic Sterile swab with a wooden shaft and cotton tip. Culture swab for general laboratory use. Sterilised by gamma irradiation at dosage of 25-42KGy in polypropylene transport tube.
Hemastix blood presumptive kit (50/pk)
50 tests per pack
The Hemastix reagent strips must be kept in the bottle with the cap tightly closed (as specified on the cap) to maintain reagent reactivity.
Phosphatesmo KM Kit
25 tests per kit

For the presumptive idenfication of semen in stains a test is used that is indicative for the presence of an enzyme (acid phosphates) that is present in semen in relatively high concentrations. To test a stain in textile material a small piece of textile (a few square millimeters) is cut out. This is moistened with water or physiological saline solution and then laid on the exposed test strip. A violet color is indicative for the presence of semen.
FAB-SWAB Cotton Tipped Applicator
This DNA controlled absorbent cotton tipped applicator is produced with High Quality USP grade cotton which is carded and coiled onsite to maintain consistency. It is bonded securely to a polystyrene handle. The convenient reclosable dry transport device is designed for reliable sample and evidence collection. The patented tube design entails a breathable filter that covers holes to prohibit mold growth during transport. ID labels are included.

RSID field kit for saliva semen & blood

The new Rapid Stain Identification Field Kits (RSID™-Field Kit) are designed for fast easy and reliable detection of human saliva semen & blood from evidence encountered in the field. All of the materials needed to perform the stain analysis as well as to document and transport the results are included in the kit.
RSID™ Saliva Field Kit results correlate with the ability to obtain DNA profile data.

Available in the following:

UOM per kit

Sterile Water 5ml plastic ampoules
Although this product is sterile water for injections it is not supplied for that purpose. Its use is as a wetting agent to enable dried blood semen or similar to be transferred to a swab for forensic investigation.

Available in 2 Sizes:
Size: 5mL Plastic Ampoules
Size: 10mL Plastic Ampoules.
Tamper Evident Red Security Seal Tape
Versa Cones - Evidence Marking Cones
C-Swab (Containment Swab)

A protective re-closable tube provides better assurance.

Avoid Loss of Evidence Material: The cotton tip is centrally positioned. A longer Handle aids in better collection especially in sexual assault evidence. Upon request at the time of placing a quote/order they can be formally certified DNA free (EtO treated). A variety of swabs are used on a daily basis but the Containment Swab (C-Swab) is the least expensive way of all of them that meets the critical need in the collection of evidence and casework.
CA Glue Foil Dishes (pack of 100)
Crystal Violet Latent Print Protein Stai
1 litre bottle
Crystal Violet is a simple and effective protein stain used to enhance prints on the sticky side of tape and items that are oily or greasy. It is important that any biological evidence such as semen urine or blood as well as any trace evidence have been collected before use. Crystal Violet can be used on duct tape masking tape clear plastic tape surgical tape black electrical tape and other tapes. It should not be used on surfaces that contain a water-soluble adhesive. Because Crystal Violet is a protein stain it can also be used to enhance bloody prints.
If the item is black or dark coloured such as electrical tape making it difficult to see developed prints it is advised to use our Crystal Violet Latent Print Fluorescent Protein Stain (Reorder No. CHE-3109) instead of the original formula.
The Crystal Violet Latent Print Protein Stain is applied by submerging the item into the solution. The item would then be rinsed in our Rinse/Destain (Reorder No. CHE-3158) and air-dried. The item should photographed to record the developed prints. If using our Fluorescent Protein Stain the item should be viewed using a forensic light source before photographing.

Available in the following types:

- CHE-3108 Crystal Violet Latent Print Protein Stain ? 1 litre bottle
- CHE-3158 Crystal Violet Latent Print Protein Stain Rinse/Destain ? 1 litre bottle
- CHE-3109 Crystal Violet Latent Print Fluorescent Protein Stain ? 1 litre bottle
Accutrans Starter Kit
AccuTrans is a revolutionary non-toxic polyvinylsiloxane evidence casting material specifically designed for forensic applications. Its flexible design is highly resistant to tearing and provides users with the best dimensional stability.

Works similar to a caulk gun. There is no messy mixing required. Simply load the gun depress the trigger and you get an even accurate flow. Tool marks and castings cure in just four minutes at 68°F (25°C).

Also works great for lifting latent prints from rough or curved surfaces. Once lifted prints are permanent and cannot be smeared or smudged.

Available in three colors (brown white and transparent) each of which offers users with the specific benefits.
Press Shake & Pour Casting Kit in a Bag

This self-contained Casting Kit In a Bag consists of a 9 W x 11 H 6 mm thick polyethylene outer bag which contains a water bladder and the appropriate amount of casting material to cast both tyre & footprint impressions.

Simply place the bag on a flat surface press down on the bag to break the internal water bladder shake bag to mix then pour. No mess no measuring no hassle.
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