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XTEK is a supplier of high-quality protective security, tactical and forensics solutions to the government, law enforcement, military and commercial sectors.

To place an order email to xtek@xtek.net or call us on 1800 500 032.

Should you require any further information or pricing on products, please contact us and one of our friendly team members will assist you.

ImageProduct CodeDescriptionPDF
ABAcard P30 Semen Identification

For the Forensic Identification of Semen. Designed for use in the Laboratory (25 test/kit).
ABAcard P30 Semen Identification
Crime Scene Identification of Semen. Designed for use in the field. (25 test/kit). It also contains 25 prefilled vials with extraction buffer & 25 swabs. All items are individually packed for individual use.
ABAcard P30 Crime Scene ID Semen 1/kitPDF
ABAcard p30 Test (10 Test/Kit)
Crime Scene Identification of Semen. Designed for use in the field. All items are individually packed for individual use.
ABAcard HemaTrace (1 Test/Kit)
For the Forensic and Crime Scene identification of Human Blood.
ABAcard HemaTrace (10 Test/Kit)
For the Forensic and Crime Scene identification of Human Blood.
ABAcard HemaTrace Human Blood (LAB)
For the Forensic Identification of Human Blood. Designed for use in the Laboratory. (25 test/kit).
ABAcard Hemascein Reveal Bloodstain
To reveal latent bloodstains. Kit contains Hemascein vial (500ml) and 2 x ABAspray applicators.
ABAcard HemaTrace Human Blood (CS)
Contains 25 test cards 25 prefilled vials with extraction buffer and 25 swabs i.e. same as item # 708424 except that it also contains 25 swabs. All items are individually packed for individual use.
ABAcard SALIgAE Saliva Identificatiion
SALIgAE for the Forensic Identification of Saliva (10 test/kit)
Blackout Film 60cm x 80cm
Suitable for use with Quasar or similar products that require a total blackout. This material is held in place by static electricity so no tools glue or adhesive tapes are required and it is re-usable if circumstances will allow. It leaves no marks on the glass or frame that would need cleaning off after the forensic examination. UOM per pack of 10 Sheets.
Gel Lifts Clear Polyester 13cm x 18cm
BVDA Gel lifters have been especially developed to lift fingerprints shoeprints dust marks and micro traces. The thick non-aggressive low-adhesive gelatin layer makes it possible to lift traces from almost every surface including porous materials such as paper or cardboard. Lifted prints can be taken along for photography or closer examination.

The black and the white Gel lifters have a carrier of linen rubber. The transparent Gel lifters have a clear polyester film which acts as a carrier. All Gel lifters are protected by a transparent polyester film. Black and white Gel lifters can easily be marked since the white linen rubber backing can be written on. The transparent Gel lifters have non-stick paper edges which makes it easy to mark them and to lift the cover sheet.

Lifted prints or marks can easily be photographed after removing the cover sheet. When the prints have been photographed the cover sheet can be replaced (after carefully cleaning it to remove any possible contamination).
Gel lifters can lift from porous and irregular surfaces

More sizes available.
Tyre Mark Lifter
Tyre Mark tyre tread will create a flat image with the full weight of the vehicle to compare a plaster cast of tyre track against

UOM per kit
Inkless shoeprint kit LE-25
Includes inkless coater & 100 transfer sheets

Using our patented ID Print&reg technology our Inkless Shoe Print Kit provides a clean easy method for obtaining positive impressions from all types of footwear. Designed for obtaining footwear impressions for comparison to suspect prints collected at the crime scene the Inkless Shoe Print Kit leaves no dark residues on the shoe unlike a kit which uses ink. Simply place the suspected footwear on the shoe print pad then press it onto one of the included chemically-sensitized sheets. In a few seconds a permanent black high-contrast print will develop. Because it is inkless there is no mess or clean up. The kit includes one coater good for up to 200 impressions and 100 sheets of chemically-sensitive paper.
UOM per kit.
Forceps Metal - Sterile
Sterile stainless steel forcep / tweezer suitable for extracting evidence or foreign object from a wound hair. etc. They can also be used to pick up small objects from an inaccessable place without physically touching them as it may contaminate evidence.
Scissors Disposable - Sterile 4.5
Sterile 4.5 scissors disposable cutdown single packed. These sterile scissors can be used for forensic examination. Care needs to be taken with the sharp sharp points to protect the investigating officer from injury.
Scalpel Blade Remover
The Swann-Morton Blade Remover allows for safe and easy removal of all sizes of scalpel blade from both No.3 and No.4 handles. Supplied sterile it allows the device to be included on the instrument tray within the OR and to be used at the site of the invasive procedure. The transparent nature of the material allows for 100% accountability of the blades used during the surgical procedure each one safely encapsulated within an individual remover which may then be disposed of in an appropriate sharps bin or container. UOM is per pack of 50.
Disposable Scalpel 22A blades ref 0509
10 per pack. Standard sterile disposable scalpels sealed individually in trays.
Surgical Blades
Blades size 24 Ref 0111 (20 x 5) Boxed in 100
Slightly larger than the No.23 blade the No.24 is more semi-circular in shape and is again sharpened along its leading edge. Used for making long incisions the No.24 fits handles 4 4L 4 Graduated & 6B.
Scalpel Handle - No 4 (Ref 0934)
Swann-Morton Surgical Scalpel Handle Number 4.
Fitment No.4. Fits Blades - including No.18 19 20 21 22 22A 23 24 25 25A 26 27 and 36.
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