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XTEK is a supplier of high-quality protective security, tactical and forensics solutions to the government, law enforcement, military and commercial sectors.

To place an order email to xtek@xtek.net or call us on 1800 500 032.

Should you require any further information or pricing on products, please contact us and one of our friendly team members will assist you.

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Photo Markers - Crime Scene Evidence
These durable brightly-coloured Photo Markers are used to clearly identify photographs of evidence.

Our yellow plastic markers have a matte finish come with either numbers or letters and measure 7.25 H x 4.5 W.

Available in the following configuration:
Letters: A-Z
Numbers: 1-15
Numbers: 1-50
Numbers: 51-99

These 2 (50 mm long) scales fluoresce under a UV light source and are used when photographing evidence that has been treated with fluorescent powders or dyes. (50 per pack).
Our Adhesive-Backed Photo Scale Tape is a useful addition to any crime scene evidence collection kit. The tape can be applied to any surface (glass metal paper plastic and wood) and can be easily removed without damaging the surface. These photo evidence tapes measure the size of the object being photographed for comparisons of the object size and the distance between surrounding objects. Each roll is printed in 12 (30 cm) increments. Rule tape is printed black on white coated tape stock and is available in inches centimeters or both

Photo Scale - Adhesive L-Shaped
Our L-shaped Photomacrograph Scales are available in two sizes and are supplied 100 scales per roll. Simply peel off the scale from the roll and affix it to any vertical surface. The adhesive is nonpermanent and will not damage most surfaces. Quantity: 100 scales/roll

Available in two Sizes
3 x 2
2 x 1.75

Photo Scales ? Disposable 25/pk
Printed on heavy white cardstock TTF's 6 Disposable Evidence Scales are inexpensive and include both inch and centimeter measurements. Information about the crime scene photo or location can be noted on the scales to provide extra information in the photographs.
Bureau Reference Scale - Photo Scale
The Bureau Reference Scale 2-piece set contains an L-shaped scale which is 30 cm long on the long arm and 15 cm on the short arm and a second straight scale which is 15 cm long. One side of each scale is white with black print and the other side is black with white print. These scales are made to official FBI specifications and photograph well under a variety of lighting conditions. These scales have crosshair circles which provides a means of checking and correcting perspective distortion.
Bio-foam impression kit
Quick and easy system of making footwear impressions without damaging or contaminating the footwear. Simply press the footwear onto the BIO-FOAM? surface spray on a thin coating of Aerosol Dust & Dirt Hardener (Cat. No. 638CA) and then mix and pour in Shake-N-Cast? (No. SNC42) ready-to-use casting material. This makes a permanent impression of the footwear. The high-density foam provides extremely fine detail and comes packaged in a self-storing cardboard container.

UOM per case of 24
Sifting Screens
Forensic archaeology the practice of using traditional archaeological methods in criminal investigations can provide important pieces of evidence from areas thought to be crime scenes. In order to gather evidence that might go unnoticed investigators are turning to tools like
Sifting Screens to help determine cause of death length of time a body has been in a certain location and to locate small remains or artefacts.

Made from white pine and treated with a water-repellent lacquer our series of Sifting Screens are an affordable way to use forensic archaeology at your crime scenes. Available in both hands and rocker versions these sifting screens are lightweight portable and easy to use. Smoothed edges prevent injury and cleaning can usually be accomplished by rinsing the sifter with a hose. Rust-proof fasteners mean your sifter can last for years.

Available in the following:

Stepping Plates - Crime Scene
Crime Scene integrity is one of the toughest challenges that investigators face. Often trace evidence is introduced or damaged in the investigation process by simply walking through the crime scene. Our transparent durable Crime Scene Stepping Plates provide crime scene investigators an invaluable new tool.

By placing the clear stepping plates on the floor investigators can enter the crime scene and navigate through while never touching or disturbing possible trace evidence in the walkway. The transparent design gives investigators a clear view of what is under each step they take. Additionally the interchangeable one-time use Rubber Pads can be applied to the feet of the plates and will pick up any trace evidence with which they may come into contact. We recommend the plates always be used in conjunction with our rubber pad kits (small rubber pads which are applied to the feet of each stepping plate that can later be bagged and tagged for evidence or disposed of after each use).

- Transparency lightweight and stackable
- Easy to clean
- Microscene protector
- Maximize the opportunity to preserve and collect evidence
- Demonstrate professional standards in the prevention of cross-contamination
- Protect the scene protect your people.

Available in 2 Styles:
Standard Kit
Standard Backpack Kit.

Photo Evidence Scales Black & White
Trajectory String
Each kit includes four neon-bright colours of string which enhance photo quality.

The convenient kits are easy to carry and store and the string is easy to dispense. The standard kit includes four spools (red yellow blue and pink) each containing 100 yards of brightly coloured high-quality strong nylon string.
Swab Trace Evidence Collection 25/pk
The new Forensic-Swab Trace Evidence Collection Swab is suited for the collection of both reference samples and evidence of DNA traces at crime scenes.

The ventilation membrane in the tube base enables self-drying of the swab within the tube. Drying of the swab outside the tube as in standard systems becomes unnecessary thereby excluding the risk of mix-up and contamination.

The EtO sterilization method was specially developed to comply with the requirements of forensic analysis including most stringent purity conditions in the production process ensuring the absence of DNA collection.

Sketch Templates - Crime Scene
While photographs are useful scale drawings of a crime scene can provide far more precise information pertaining to distances from objects in a room to the evidence and provide a jury with a bird's eye view of the crime scene.

Our plastic templates aid in these drawings by giving investigators correct proportion and uniformity in sketches.

There are 10 template options ranging from traffic accident investigation to human figure sketching

Order Codes are:
Crime Scene Template
Double Traffic Template (2 piece)
House Furnishing Template
Human Figure Template
Railroad Traffic Template
Road Wizard Traffic Template
Traffic Accident InvestigatorTemplate
Office Plan
Large Vehicle (3 piece)
Traffice Investigation (5 piece).

These marking crayons also known as china markers will write on almost any surface from ziplock bags to steel doors and are available in black white and red (3 pack).

Order Codes are:
Colour: Black
Colour: White
Colour: Red.

Our crayons are a popular item to invisibly mark articles such as currency tires paper wood metal glass etc. for identification and thief detection purposes.
They are practically invisible on most backgrounds but highly fluorescent when exposed to a long or short wave UV lamp. Available in orange yellow and white. Notice: This item can be purchased by law enforcement agencies or private investigators only.

Order Codes:
Colour: Orange
Colour: White
Colour: Yellow

I.S.A Fingerprint lift tape 50mm x 20m
This is a small more convenient roll of fingerprint tape that allows for additional different products in the SOCO's case.
Crystal-Tabs 145mmx63mm
Crystal Tabs are a convenient perforated finger print and fibre lifting tape on a roll. Just tear off a 145mm piece to lift a print or fibre and replace on the backing to preserve for further investigation (500 per roll).
Jumbo Fingerprint Dusting Brush - Blonde
Supplied with transport tube (blonde filament). Similar in style to the Zephyr type fibreglass mount the synthetic fibres are stiffer and are washable unlike the fibreglass brushes that tangle. There is also the advantage that you can ignore the potential of loose fibreglass fibres.
Skye 2 Fingerprint Brush - Brown
Similar in style to the Zephyr type fibreglass mount the synthetic fibres are stiffer and are washable unlike the fibreglass brushes that tangle. There is also the advantage that you can ignore the potential of loose fibres.
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