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Hardware Software Kit for VIN investigat
Additional areas of application: weapons marking and trasology objects residual magnetic fields in ferromagnetic materials.
Functional devices:
- Magneto-optical visualization unit
- Videospectral magnifier Regula model 4177

- Magnetic copying tool kit
- high-frequency magnetization scanner (optional)
Eddy-Current Magnetographing Device
Set of eddy-current scanners is intended to perform non-destructive deep investigation of the structure of ferromagnetic materials and non-destructive examination of the structure of non-ferromagnetic materials such as aluminium alloys.
- recovering fully destroyed original Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) on ferromagnetic materials;
- examination of non-ferromagnetic surfaces (aluminium alloys) with the purpose to get information and/or detect falsification of the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN);
- detecting of the joint weld defects in ferromagnetic materials and aluminium alloys.