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XTEK is a supplier of high-quality protective security, tactical and forensics solutions to the government, law enforcement, military and commercial sectors.

To place an order email to xtek@xtek.net or call us on 1800 500 032.

Should you require any further information or pricing on products, please contact us and one of our friendly team members will assist you.

ImageProduct CodeDescriptionPDF
EOD000122Manipulator NIC Carbon Fibre Telescopic

The NIC Carbon fibre Robotic Telescopic Manipulator has been developed with leading EOD operators in the British Army. Now manufactured from a fully telescopic carbon fibre pole the new design is stronger and lighter and can be adjusted to a much greater degree to increase its operational capability.
HL000200Tools - Heavy Duty EOD TripodPDF
HL007100Kit - NIC Alpha 4 Building&Vehicle EntryPDF
HL007200Kit - NIC Alpha 5 Building EntryPDF
HL007300Kit - NIC Alpha 6 Vehicle EntryPDF
HL007400Kit - NIC Epsilon Hook and LinePDF
HL007500Kit - NIC Sigma Hook and LinePDF
HL008700Kit - NIC Delta Light Weight Hook & LinePDF
HL009600Kit - NIC Gamma Back Pack Hook & LinePDF
SE000900Kit - NIC Heavy Duty Hook and LinePDF