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XTEK is a supplier of high-quality protective security, tactical and forensics solutions to the government, law enforcement, military and commercial sectors.

To place an order email to xtek@xtek.net or call us on 1800 500 032.

Should you require any further information or pricing on products, please contact us and one of our friendly team members will assist you.

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LANCE DISRUPTERCTS Lance ? Water Jet Disrupter

A single lightweight powerful and versatile disrupter/dearmer. The Lance can replace the need to carry multiple disrupters and cartridges for various targets.
The Lance disrupter can increase the standoff distance in order to protect the technician. The Lance offers the shortest possible deployment time. The Lance disrupter has an aiming system that offers precision shots and requires no calibration if distance to target changes. It sustains over 3 times more pressure than closest market model. The Lance has the potential of more powerful disruptions and penetration than any market model. Field repair friendly. No welded components.

Lance® ? Water Jet Disrupter System Components:
- Lance® disrupter
- Electromechanical Breech
- Shock Tube Breech
- Scabbard Stand (collapsible stand)
- ZCAS (self-aligning laser aiming system-green laser)
- RAS (Recoil Absorbing System)
- Alignment (bore) laser
- Brake Nozzle Open
- Brake Nozzle Restricted
- Backpack
- Ejection rod
- Water refilling bottles ( 3pcs)
- Cleaning Set
- Spare parts kit ? breech springs shock tube connector Allen key
- Instructions Manual

LANCE-FIRING-ADAPTERLance Firing Adapter for tEODor