VideoRay submersible ROV demonstration

17 Feb 2015

XTEK has secured a significant agreement with VideoRay, the world’s largest underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) manufacturer, enabling XTEK to offer a complete range of remote vehicles to the
Australian and New Zealand market. United States-based VideoRay has sold over 3,500 submersible ROVs worldwide and the latest agreement establishes XTEK as the exclusive reseller of VideoRay systems to the defence and law enforcement sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

VideoRay systems are a highly advanced and cost-effective small solution for underwater exploration. Its versatile ROVs can be fitted with a wide range of sensors and tools to suit multiple price points and a wide range of applications, such as search and rescue, law enforcement, salvage, research and safety inspections. The most recent and notable use of VideoRay ROVs was during the raising of the cruise ship Costa Concordia, which was wrecked off the coast of Isola del Giglio in Italy in January 2012.

VideoRay demonstrated the capabilities of the portable ROV at a demonstration at Lake Burley Griffin.  For more information, contact Alan Elliott, XTEK EOD/HRR Manager 1800 500 032.