ChemImage Sensor Systems Debuts Cutting Edge Product for Correctional Facilities to Detect Hidden and Illicit Drug Substances

10 Apr 2015

ChemImage Sensor Systems (CISS™) proudly introduces the launch of their newest product the VeroVision™ Mail Screener, which utilizes real-time shortwave infrared imaging sensor technology to detect hidden illicit drug substances. The initial public demonstration of this product will be at the American Jail Association’s 34th Annual Conference & Jail Expo in Charlotte, NC, from April 19th -22nd, 2015. The capabilities of the product will be displayed at the CISS exhibit at booth #229. Jeffrey Beckstead, PhD., Director of Product Development, will also be presenting the technology and its drug screening applications during the Exhibitor Showcase on Monday, April 20th at 1:00 pm.

The VeroVision Mail Screener scans articles of mail, and detects illicit drugs and common cutting agents.  The system features a simple, one-click user interface that allows the operator to scan mail within seconds and clearly confirm the existence of illicit drug substances. Using shortwave near-infrared light, the system can reveal what is invisible to the human eye. The system incorporates advanced acquisition and processing methods to detect illicit substances and presents the detections to the mail screener.

“A known problem that correctional facilities face is the continued introduction of illicit materials through the mail which causes security issues and ultimately increased cost. Understanding this issue, we knew that by combining our imaging and processing expertise, and building upon our existing VeroVision hyperspectral imaging platform, we could develop a system in a rather short period of time to address this major security issue,” states Marie Molnar Hammond, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, ChemImage.

A major emphasis on the product feasibility and design was to meet the demands of the correction’s market and make the product a simple and effective screening tool.  We feel this goal has been met with the VeroVision Mail Screener.

“The introduction of contraband drugs through the mail is a growing problem in correctional facilities,” stated William Stickman, Retired Deputy Secretary Pa. Dept. of Corrections.  “Use of the VeroVision technology will enable the facility mail inspectors to do a more thorough job of drug detection and save time.”

“Threat detection has been a major focus for ChemImage Corporation and its sensor company CISS,” says Matthew Nelson, Chief Scientist and Line of Business Manager, ChemImage Sensor Systems.  “Extension of the VeroVision technology to illicit drug detection for corrections mail screening was a straightforward path from our standoff explosive and clandestine drug detection product line.”

“By adapting the VeroVision platform to the mail screening application, we are able to introduce the product’s feasibility into the correction’s market. The VeroVision Mail Screening product reduces the time to screen mail, while improving the detection capabilities over human screening.”

For more information, contact Alan Elliott, XTEK EOD/HRR Manager - 1800 500 032.