Business Overview

As Australia's only publicly listed Homeland Security Company, XTEK LTD is the market leader in the provision of security equipment, security consulting and security training and related services.

XTEK LTD is the provider of high-quality, high-end security equipment and services to those responsible (Government and Corporate) for protecting the well-being of the Country.

XTEK LTD is engaged in importing high-quality security, bomb disposal, Search, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear detection, decontamination, forensic, diagnostic and screening equipment for sale to government agencies, law enforcement agencies and the Armed Forces. In addition, XTEK LTD provides specialist weapons and ammunition for counter-terrorist activities.

XTEK LTD has a Development and Engineering Facilities to develop new technology and products for sale worldwide in product ranges such as ballistic protection, blast simulators, ammunition and weapon ancillaries.

XTEK LTD has sophisticated repair, maintenance, production and warehousing facilities in Canberra and Sydney which enables XTEK LTD to provide in-house support for the equipment it provides.