Recon Scout Command Monitoring Station (CMS)


Image of Command Monitoring Station

Command Monitoring Station (CMS)

The Command Monitoring Station 2.0 (CMS 2.0) enables a commander to monitor video transmissions from any Recon Scout or Throwbot robot from up to 1,000 feet (305m) away. Additionally, the CMS 2.0 can monitor the audio transmission of a Throwbot XT Audio robot. By using the CMS 2.0, you can see precisely what your front line personnel see on their handheld Operator Control Units (OCUs) as they direct the movement of their robots. This real-time video lets you direct tactical and search-and-rescue operations, and provide an integrated response to any situation.

The CMS also allows you to switch from one robot frequency (channel A / A.2, B / B.2, or C / C.2) to the next so you can monitor transmissions from up to three robots. Software included with the CMS 2.0 allows you to use a computer running Windows XP™ (with SP3), Vista™, or 7™ to record transmissions, and to capture and store still images as required. You can also use a standard RCA cable to display the video feed on any television or monitor. Power cables are included that allow you to run the CMS 2.0 from a standard power outlet or a 12VDC source.

Recon Scout CMS Spec Sheet

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