EOD Protection

XTEK Static Earthing Kit

The Static Earthing Kit is designed for use in EOD operations where grounding is required to ensure those personnel firing cables and ordnance involved in an EOD operation, are at the same electrical potential (voltage).

Explosive Transport - SEMA WORLD

ETE(Explosive Transport Equipment)

Portable Storage and Operational transportation by Land , Air or Sea for explosives, grenades, detonators etc.

DBK(Dirty Bomb Killer)

Protection Device against chemical and biological bombs. Blast and frag proof.

Bio Bag

The Bio Bag has been developed and patented by SEMA World R&D 24 hours after the first anthrax attack in the United States. This is a very useful device, allows confinement and to treat and to carry out any item liable to contain biologic or chemical agents. Different sizes of the BIO BAG were manufactured replying to specific requirements.

  • Microbe resistance
  • High Energy radiation resistance
  • Two gloves integrated
  • Easy to use

FBK(Flight Bomb Killer)

Portable blast and frag protection for carriage in aircraft in case of the discovery of suspect baggage mid flight.

FW (Firewall)

Indoor or Outdoor Protection against IEDs, Suicide Bombers and vehicle bourne IEDs.

GBK (Ground Bomb Killer)

A first response device for suspect articles.

HBK (Human Bomb Killer)

Counter Terrorism Equipment Safety Corridor For Hostages.

LBK (Letter Bomb Killer)

Onboard protection against suspicious electronic items such as letters bombs and packages in mailrooms, specific sizes available on request.

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