CTS - Lance Disrupter

CTS Lance Disrupter


Lance Disrupter

A single, lightweight, powerful and versatile disrupter/dearmer. The Lance can replace the need to carry multiple disrupters and cartridges for various targets.
The Lance disrupter can increase the standoff distance in order to protect the technician.
The Lance offers the shortest possible deployment time.
The Lance disrupter has an aiming system that offers precision shots and requires no calibration if distance to target changes. It sustains over 3 times more pressure than closest market model
The Lance has the potential of more powerful disruptions and penetration than any market model

  • ¬†Up to 50% lighter than similar market model
  • ¬†enhanced resistance to wear
  • ¬†3 in 1 disrupter: 50ml, 100ml, 150ml
  • ¬†can be mounted on smaller robots that cannot mount current disrupters
  • ¬†anti-initiation safety feature
  • ¬†faster to assemble/disassemble
  • ¬†fool proof
  • ¬†No tools necessary for deployment

Field repair friendly
No welded components

For technical enquiries, please contact:

Alan Elliott
EOD/IEDD Manager
E: alan@xtek.net

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