RTR-4 Portable Digital X-Ray System

Image of PTR-4


The RTR-4 system consists of a lightweight, compact x-ray source and imaging unit that are positioned on opposite sides of the target object, plus a standard notebook computer for controlling the system and analyzing images. The control computer is connected to the imager by an Ethernet cable or optional wireless connection. The system is fully digital for fast viewing, no image degradation, and easy image analysis and management — far superior to film and analog systems. The RTR-4 system is designed for a use in a wide range of field scenarios. The system can be used in tight quarters, right down to ground level. With a total weight of just 12 kg, the x-ray source and imager are easy to move into position by hand, and can be mounted on bomb-disposal robots for remote operation.

SAIC RTR 4 Brochure (2.1MB).

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